I want to get really good at what I do, particularly rapid hardware development with the help of high-level systems, esp. Python and Django. This goal breaks down into a couple skills, which you can see featured below, with emphasis on Altium, Linux, and Python.

In the past, I have put on quite a variety of hats - as you can see from my work experience - ranging from (hardware) to (low-level work with C memory maps) to (high-level Django and even the bit of web dev for this site). In a lot of my work, I have had little to no help or coaching; while at iVeia I jumped deeper into SEAndroid than anyone there, while at Synthego I debugged I2C issues that were almost mystical, and while at the Microrobotics Lab I had to figure out RF design on my own. After these challenges and the struggles I faced in personal projects, I feel that I can overcome anything thrown at me.

Moving forward, I see 3 paths to realize my career goals. These may not be the only paths, I am always open to ideas.

  1. Work at company with a mentor who is GREAT at either Python or Hardware design.
  2. Get thrown into a project that pushes the limits of my hardware knowledge and forces me to excel.
  3. Work on contracts so that I can further my independence and perfect my skill set.

Engineering is more than just my work, it is my main passion. I have learned quickly and plan to accelerate my learning even more now that I am out of college. I believe that hardware development can be faster AND better, and plan on being part of that movement.

tl;dr I am looking to join a team with an AMAZING hw/python mentor where I can push my skills to the limit OR work on contract systems work (hw, linux, c, python). Contact me for either. (email: me@this site)

Note: I don't normally do front-end dev, so don't take the design of this site as an indicator of the quality of my work.

Additional info: PDF Resume

Skills I want to develop (and where I've used them)
  • leadled: Designed rpi hat for leadled hub and nodes.
  • Synthego: Designed and fabbed a BeagleBone cape
  • Texas Instruments: Dove deep into TI linker for both COFF and ELF. Learned about linker directives and memory mapping.
  • UMD Microrobotics Lab: Wrote motor, radio, sensor firmware
  • leadled: Long-distance I2C w/ PCA9600. 2+ amp PWM.
  • Synthego: Debugged I2C and power issues
  • UMD Microrobotics Lab: Designed, fabbed, programmed boards w/ EAGLE including RF design.
  • iVeia: Helped port Ubuntu to custom OMAP3 board. Integrated and demoed SELinux+SEAndroid.
  • OpenAG - MIT Media Lab: Single-handedly designed modular hydroponic control system with threading.
  • Synthego: Worked on Python + ZMQ BeagleBone network. Wrote python extension module in C for stepper homing
  • Triply: Lots of Django + Data retrievers and scrapers for various travel sites and API's
  • leadled: Alarm functionality. Integration with Blynk app. Webserver (flask) for manual control and api.
Relevant work
Embedded Engineer | Boston
Aug '15
OpenAG - MIT Media Lab image

Designed and implemented a closed-loop hydroponic control in Python

Implemented threading and profiling to meet soft real-time constraints

Github: https://github.com/mirskiy/plantos-controller

Intern | Bay Area
Jun '14 - Nov '14
Synthego image

Bio-tech startup - Developed, tested, and maintained bio-automation equipment.

Worked with a distributed network of BeagleBones for bio automation.

I worked on everything from Hardware to Python.

Undergrad researcher | College Park, MD
Sep '10 - May '14
UMD Microrobotics Lab image

Develop a 1.2 cm2 robotic platform (shown above) based on TI CC2533 SOC

Implemented open-source motor, radio, and sensor libraries for robot control.

Published and presented research at ICRA, DARS.

Intern | Annapolis, MD
Jan '13 - Aug '13
iVeia image

Ported Ubuntu to custom hardware based on TI's OMAP3 ARM SoC

Integrated SELinux+SEAndroid into Android distro on custom HW.

(Worked here winter and summer, not during the semester).

Texas Instruments
Intern | Germantown, MD
Jun '12 - Aug '12
Texas Instruments image

Programmed and profiled CC6678 DSP with GSM-AMR codec in cache vs. RAM
Wrote an app note detailing COFF runtime codec relocation with TI’s linker in C
Detailed development of an ELF-based solution for runtime relocation

Personal Project | Online
Sep '15- Now
This site image

This site is a work in progress!

I will publish my updates to the template once it is in a good state.

Personal Project | Online
Dec '14- Now
leadled image

PWM controller hub and nodes for Raspberry Pi for RGB LED strips and the like

Includes alarm functionality for more natural awakening

Designed as a test implementation of long-distance I2C using NXP PCA9600

Founder, failed startup | Baltimore
Jan '15 - Mar '15
Triply image

Vacation planning should start with "What do you want to do?"

Instead we are forced to first choose a destination. We wanted to change that.

Code will be open-sourced by the end of the year, needs some cleaning.

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